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5 Unique and Useful Wedding Gift Ideas

Here are some creative ideas being seen in wedding catalogues and registry wish lists across Canada this year. 1. The gift of choice.  Nowadays, many couples have been living together for years before tying the knot, meaning they won’t need basics like plates and cutlery. They’d probably prefer a cash gift to help pay for …

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Wedding favors and gifts everyone can feel good about

(BPT) – You faithfully recycle at home, use a refillable BPA-free water bottle and charge your smartphone with a solar recharger. When it’s time to choose wedding favors for your own nuptials, or a gift for someone else’s wedding, do you find environmental awareness taking a backseat to style? It doesn’t have to. It’s possible …

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5 trendy wedding registry gift ideas for casual lifestyles

(BPT) – While your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, it can also be the happiest day for your kitchen. With a well-planned registry, you’ll be enjoying the fun, creativity and bonding of cooking together at home for years to come — from leisurely weekend breakfasts to romantic dinners and toasts to …

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