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Choosing the Best Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding table setting with nature theme of bonsai tree and origami birds.

One of the most important – and fun – parts of planning a bridal reception is deciding on the wedding centerpieces. Should you go elegant or informal? Bold or understated? Put some time into this, as it might well be one of the first decisions you and your future groom make together about your wedding …

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10 Fall Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Fall Wedding

If you are looking for great fall wedding centerpieces ideas then you will want to read this article, as I will provide you with ten different fall-themed centerpieces, from type of flowers to cactuses. After reading the article, you should be able to create really impressive fall wedding centerpieces and add that wow factor to …

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Glass Jars – The Rustic Chic Wedding Must-Have!

Jars 1

Thought jars were just for jam?  Think again! Across Australia, jars have become the staple of the rustic chic wedding, creating an effortless elegance with bags of whimsical charm. So with the lowly jar now gracing wedding tables from Bega to Broome, how can you make the most of this versatile vessel, and what size …

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Candle Wedding Centerpieces

wedding candle

If you are looking for ideas for your candle wedding centerpieces check this article for a few inexpensive and great tips. I will show you how to make your centerpieces with floating candles, scented candles and beautiful tea lights. They are all easy on the pocket; very economical choices that can really look great if …

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Benefits of Having an Autumn Wedding

Autumn Wedding Cake

Many couples getting married dream of a fall wedding when autumn is at the peak of its colorful spectrum. There are many advantages to having a wedding in autumn. For one thing, you don’t have to schedule around your friends’ and families’ vacations. An autumn wedding provides a chance to employ an array of fabulous …

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Rustic Fall Wedding Decor Ideas to Bring Nature to Your Reception


Autumn brings the crisp weather we crave after a long hot summer along with the perfect weather for a wedding. There are no worries about guests sweltering in the heat, yet it is still warm enough to have your ceremony outdoors. Weddings in the fall also lend themselves to an array of rich colors for …

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