5 Unique and Useful Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gift IdeasHere are some creative ideas being seen in wedding catalogues and registry wish lists across Canada this year.

1. The gift of choice. 

Nowadays, many couples have been living together for years before tying the knot, meaning they won’t need basics like plates and cutlery. They’d probably prefer a cash gift to help pay for the wedding, or a gift card for a nice restaurant or home store.

2. Kitchen memories. 

While many couples will have the basics, most won’t have splurged on quality, high-performance appliances that stand the test of time. Encourage them to make new memories in the kitchen together with a tool they can use to prepare delicious meals, like the Cuisinart Precision Master Stand Mixer. The powerful appliance comes with step-by-step instructions for dozens of recipes, for making everything from a spinach and feta soufflé to chocolate chunk cookies.

3. A weekend getaway. 

The first year of marriage can be stressful, so give them a chance to unwind and reconnect with a long weekend away from home a few months after the wedding. A nice bed and breakfast an hour away is an affordable but very thoughtful gift that will be well received.

4. Luxurious linens. 

No one can ever have too many well-appointed linens. High thread-count sheets and comfy pillows are great options for new and established couples.

5. Monogramed anything. 

Matching his and hers items are cute and commemorate the special occasion. Think monogramed towels, bathrooms or coffee mugs for a personalized touch.


Choosing the Best Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding table setting with nature theme of bonsai tree and origami birds.

Wedding table setting with a nature theme of a bonsai tree and origami birds.

One of the most important – and fun – parts of planning a bridal reception is deciding on the wedding centerpieces. Should you go elegant or informal? Bold or understated? Put some time into this, as it might well be one of the first decisions you and your future groom make together about your wedding day.

A centerpiece is the focal point of any table and can set the stage for decorating the rest of the room. You can hire professionals for this if you have a sufficient budget, or you can do the job yourself to save a few dollars. Whichever direction you turn, there will be plenty of decisions to make.

Frosty White Christmas Scene Table Place Setting with Poinsettia, Candles, Snowballs and Snowflakes

Frosty White Christmas Centerpiece with Poinsettia, Candles, Snowballs and Snowflakes

You will first need to plan what you want. When brainstorming wedding centerpiece ideas, some brides consider a theme, possibly something that has special meaning to them and their guy, such as where or when they met. The particular time of year of the wedding can inspire seasonal themes, such as lush flowers for spring or an icy wonderland for winter. Themes can be general, such as tropical or western, or focused on specific colors (perhaps the bride’s favorite) such as pink or mint green.

Once the theme for the reception is set, you will want to think about the mood of the centerpiece, which is created by table lighting. Your theme choice will dictate whether you will use candles, tiny white electrical bulbs, luminaries, or tea lights. Other tabletop accessories for the wedding reception centerpiece can include placeholders, waterfalls, vases, and votives.

DIY wedding decor table centerpieces with wine bottles wrapped in burlap twine and rose flowers.

DIY wedding decor table centerpieces with wine bottles wrapped in burlap twine and rose flowers.

Cool party favors make the reception fun for the guests and can include very inexpensive plastic figurines, homemade crafts, or delicate gourmet cakes. If you decide to do the favors yourself, enlist friends or relatives to help. You want to trust your own instincts, but you do not want to be up by yourself until the middle of the night, putting together table favors. The Internet is flush with instructions how to incorporate favors, such as flowers, candles, fruits, vegetables, miniatures, dolls, and photos into wedding table centerpieces.

In different societies, the reception has its own requirements and traditions separate and apart from the actual wedding ceremony. Other cultures use a lot of natural material when decorating and centerpieces for weddings are no exception. Go online to research them and to order appropriate supplies.

Orchid Wedding Theme

Orchid Wedding Theme

For example, brightly colored pots and cacti are popular decorations for Mexican wedding reception centerpieces. African American centerpieces may include baskets of calla lilies or irises and reception favors are often part of the overall effect. Cherry blossoms on branches or floating in bowls of water make simple, yet classic Asian style centerpieces.

Once the big day arrives and your wedding table centerpiece is amazing all the guests, there are only two things left for you to do. Hand out disposable cameras and let your guests capture some of the day’s candid moments. Then just relax and enjoy making memories of the day you and your fiancée tied the knot.


There is nothing more elegant than the centerpieces when it comes to wedding decorations. Patri Truman writes in her informational website about how to choose the best wedding centerpieces for your wedding decor and will give you tips and ideas on great fall wedding centerpieces if you are planning on getting married next autumn!

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Traditional Mexican Weddings

Mexican WeddingsEvery culture has its own way of celebrating big events, and when it comes to marriage old traditions play a very important role. Mexican weddings are not very different to other types of weddings around the world, but it is interesting to see how Mexicans celebrate it in their own Latin-oriented style, which derives from strong religious beliefs.

Mexican tradition states that the family of the groom will ask the family of the bride for her hand. Some families are really strict and do not give permission to the girl to meet other men. If the boy’s family is not into the old tradition of approaching the girl, the groom to be will still meet the girl’s family and ask respectfully for her hand.

In general, brides and grooms are catered by their godparents (or padrinos) who will take care of the engagement all the way through and will still play the role after the marriage takes place. The bride and groom can decide who the godparents will be, making the chosen ones feel very respected and honored. The role of the padrinos is to guide the boy and girl throughout the engagement and give them marital advice. Usually it is the older (and therefore wiser) people who will be asked to play this role.

During the wedding reception, the guests gather together in the form of a “heart” around the married couple while they dance. A pinata is hung at the reception venue which is usually filled with all sorts of candy. It is the job of the children to hit it until it breaks open and the candy falls; the guests then pick the sweets from the ground and celebrate.

In a typical Mexican wedding, you will often see the bride wearing a veil (called mantilla) and looking rather Spanish with a flamenco-like dress. Grooms usually wear a toreador type of outfit which fits the theme perfectly well, depicting the famous bullfighter costume.

When it comes to the reception food, we will expect to find the finest Mexican dishes based on corn flour, rice and different types of meat. A popular drink would be sangria, which consists of wine (usually red) mixed with fruit juice, soda, lots of different fruit cut into pieces and added sugar. It is also a festive drink very popular in Spain. The music played in Mexican weddings are of Latin style; salsa, merengue, bachata, boleros, etc.

If you have the opportunity to attend a Mexican wedding try not to miss it. You will see the amount of work that is put into the celebration as well as being able to enjoy the strong familial bond amongst the members and the grandeur of the big wedding day.


Patri Truman is an expert on general wedding decor and history, and recommends reading beautiful wedding centerpieces and wedding favors ideas for guidelines and great tips.

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10 Fall Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Fall WeddingIf you are looking for great fall wedding centerpieces ideas then you will want to read this article, as I will provide you with ten different fall-themed centerpieces, from type of flowers to cactuses. After reading the article, you should be able to create really impressive fall wedding centerpieces and add that wow factor to your wedding reception.

1. The ideal flowers to choose from are: hydrangea, roses, sunflowers and mums. Combine them in your chosen wedding colors.

2. Pumpkins. Carve the pumpkins and place candles inside. Arrange at the center of each table and surround with flower blossoms or leaves.

3. Create a glass garden. Not the cheapest choice but definitely very effective.

4. Autumnal leaves. Go around your garden or backyard in search of lovely burgundy, yellow and red leaves. Place inside see-through vases filled with water. The floating leaves will create vibrant wedding centerpieces.

5. Use fresh or glazed fruit. Arrange nicely together with chestnuts and dried flowers.

6. Thanksgiving centerpiece style. Place just the one single flower on a golden tray and surround with simple candles.

7. Not into flowers? Use cactuses. Mix twigs, leaves and candles surrounding a nice arrangement made with small cactuses. Give away to your guests when leaving as a reminder of the day!

8. Simple plants. Fall plants would include: ornamental cabbages, water lilies, heather, sedums, ferns and gerberas.

9. Fall is the time for grapes. Give your wedding that Grecian look by placing grape bunches falling off the side of your chosen dish.

10. Decorate lazy Susan’s with any of the above. Your guests will be able to turn it around and see your wedding centerpieces from every angle!

Other ideas could be copper bowls, formal floral arrangements, candy, confetti, and glitter, pine cones, ribbons, autumn roses, cornucopia, photo albums, etc. The list is endless. Just make sure to think out of the box, let your personality shine through the wedding decor. For a fall theme you should base your decorations on the autumn colors: reds, burgundy, yellow and deep orange.

Use your imagination and be creative. You do not have to have a big budget to create stunning centerpieces. Take advantage of the natural resources that are around you. One last tip: some couples go on holiday before the wedding; buy different inexpensive souvenirs and use them as part of your wedding centerpieces. They will add to a creative decor and at the same time your guests will be able to have memorabilia from your wedding and your holiday!


Patri Truman is author of Best Wedding Centerpieces and has also written another article dedicated to Fall Wedding Centerpieces

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Weddings – A Brief History on How They Came to Be

Wedding couple holding handsNobody really knows where the very first wedding ceremony took place, but it is definitely certain that whenever that event occurred, history changed when it came to the word family. In ancient history, crowds of nomads and other indigenous cultures would gather together forming a group to defend themselves from external danger (wild animals and the likes of other indigenous crowds), forming what we know today as “families”.

Historians believe that this is how the first weddings naturally occurred. It was more about loyalty by “tying the knot” as a group and becoming stronger as opposed to dealing with life as individuals. As time went by these tribes got bigger and larger and started to form what we know today as societies.

Egypt is the place where historians believe first marriages between men and women took place. At the time, brothers would take sisters to the altar (they could also marry many other women) making sure that way that the bloodline stayed within the family (and with bloodline staying, money and power would also remain closely within the family). Some people believe that “divorce” is rather a modern term but the women in ancient Egypt could actually divorce their husbands if they wished to do so.

The engagement, as we know it today, was also part of the “getting together” in ancient Egypt. The reason for engagements to take place was for the bride and groom to get to know each other better before committing for life. It could be said that this practice is similar to what happens to couples nowadays, as brides and grooms do take “their time” before committing getting to know each others’ habits and ways of living. So, marriage became a “contract”, a “social business” where the couple would know their rights and duties before taking on the vows.

In order for the parents of the bride to know that the groom was “more than capable of supporting their daughter”, the groom would visit them and offer money to demonstrate his monetary powers. Along with the money, he would also offer the girl a gift which was usually made of an expensive metal or a stone, which eventually came to be the well known engagement ring (which also displays expensive gemstones).

On a last note, I would like to point out that “white weddings” only came to be after the reign of Queen Victoria. Before, brides were supposed to wear blue as a symbol of chastity and purity and cakes used to be made with meat instead of sponge!


Patri Truman is an expert on general wedding decor and history, and recommends reading beautiful wedding centerpieces and wedding favors ideas for great tips and ideas.

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Glass Jars – The Rustic Chic Wedding Must-Have!

Jars 1Thought jars were just for jam?  Think again!

Across Australia, jars have become the staple of the rustic chic wedding, creating an effortless elegance with bags of whimsical charm.

So with the lowly jar now gracing wedding tables from Bega to Broome, how can you make the most of this versatile vessel, and what size of jar will best meet your needs?…


Jars make perfect receptacles for informal floral arrangements on wedding reception tables.  For a farmhouse chic look, wind rustic jute twine around the neck of each jar and arrange mixed sizes of jars in clusters of three.

On a budget?  Instead of relying on a florist, why not check out the flower markets in your local area, and do your own arrangements…The beauty of flowers in jars is that they needn’t be arranged in a formal way, so it’s easy to DIY!

Table numbers

Jars are a great option for rustic table numbers – Get creative with chalkboard paint, first masking around the area you wish to paint using tape.  Once the paint is dry, just grab some chalk and number your tables, for a gorgeous shabby chic look.


Jars 2Are you dreaming of twinkly lights and a relaxed, sparkly atmosphere at your venue?  Jars make fabulous candle holders, and you can add a little flair with some sand or pebbles in the bottom of the jar to stabilize your tealights or pillar candles.

If you’re feeling crafty, you can even use dress up your candle jars by using spray adhesive to stick doilies or vintage book pages to the outside…They look just gorgeous with the candlelight shining through.

Hanging jars

Jars needn’t be just displayed on your tables…With a little creativity and some twine or wire, you can suspend your jars and hang them from trees, posts or hooks.

Cocktail jars

Jars 3Drinking glasses are so last year!

You only need check out a few wedding blogs to see that increasingly, brides are using glass jars to serve cocktails, home-made lemonade and other beverages.

Paired with some retro striped paper straws, this is a charming way to carry the rustic chic theme through to cocktail hour.

Favours/ Bonbonniere

Jars 4Share the jar love, and give away jars to your wedding guests!  Pop a lid or a pretty vintage fabric covering on your jars, and they make beautiful bonbonniere when filled with lollies or sugared almonds.

You could even arrange a lolly buffet table, and let your guests fill a little jar with their choice of sweets to take home.  Alternatively for extra special handmade favours, how about gifts of home-made jam or chutney?

Need some help with sizes?
When considering purchasing jars for your event, it can be overwhelming and confusing deciding what shapes and sizes you need.  Below are a few of my favourite sizes from our traditional-shape range here at Just Jars Australia, and a few suggested ways in which they could be used…

  • 1-litre+ jars – 1-litre and even 2-litre jars are huge, and make great luminarias to line paths or aisles, with a large candle stabilised by sand.
  • 750ml jars make a great vase for larger arrangements or bigger blooms such as peonies or hydrangeas, and also tend to accommodate large pillar candles.
  • 500ml jars are great for medium to large flower arrangements, and make great table numbers with the addition of some chalkboard paint.
  • 375ml jars are very versatile, working well for medium sized floral displays and also making great drinking glasses (being just slightly larger than a highball glass).  This jar is also perfect for full-size jam/chutney favours.
  • 250ml jars look lovely containing smaller blooms such as freesias, but also make great little drinking glasses for smaller drinks, or tend to be a good size for a short pillar candle.  Additionally they work well for smaller jam/chutney favours, or larger lollies such as sugared almonds.
  • 150ml jars are wonderful for cute little bonbonniere gifts, containing small lollies, or even as a mini jar for home-made jams.  They also hold a standard tealight just beautifully, with room for some sand or coloured gravel if needed.
  • 100ml jars are an adorable teeny tiny jar for miniature favours, or work perfectly dotted all around your venue holding tealights.

Whatever jars you choose, they’re sure to add a relaxed, rustic vibe to any event.

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Candle Wedding Centerpieces

wedding candleIf you are looking for ideas for your candle wedding centerpieces check this article for a few inexpensive and great tips. I will show you how to make your centerpieces with floating candles, scented candles and beautiful tea lights. They are all easy on the pocket; very economical choices that can really look great if arranged properly. After reading this article you should be buzzing with many great wedding centerpieces ideas.

Floating candles are one of the most popular options at wedding receptions. They add a magical touch to your tables and can be arranged in different ways to give each and every table a unique look. Make sure you choose the right candles as they should fall within the colors of your wedding theme. The shape and size is also important. Do not make the mistake of creating wedding centerpieces that are too big and detract attention from the rest of the decor. Also, take into account the shape of the tables: i.e. round tables offer less room than square ones. Next, find the right container and fill it with water. Not many people consider dying the water which could result in a really spectacular centerpiece. Use food coloring – always according to the wedding color theme – and make sure the bowl is see through or frosted glass. The flame of the candle should always be lower than the eye level.

Frosty White Christmas Scene Table Place Setting with Poinsettia, Candles, Snowballs and Snowflakes

Frosty White Christmas Scene Table Place Setting with Poinsettia, Candles, Snowballs and Snowflakes

You can also use wooden or metal bowls. Add a few petals or leaves to the water. That will stop the candles from clumping together inside. Candle holders come in different shapes like animals or flowers and some are even scented. Many people rule out the scented candles for their wedding centerpieces but they can really add a great touch to the tables. There are literally hundreds of scents to choose from: lavender, wood, fruit, cinnamon, ginger, floral and even chocolate! You will definitely find the right fragrance according to your wedding theme. Just make sure your chosen scent will not overpower the room.

Tea lights are very beautiful and can create a simple but elegant look. Scatter them around the table carefully to add ambiance. Again, there are many to choose from: plastic, glass, wooden, stone, light bamboo, porcelain, even jelly! Use different color and shape decorative votive holders if you want to give each table a unique look. Mix the tea lights with other candles and make interesting arrangements with different heights and shapes. Use wide candles for the main wedding centerpieces and surround with the tea lights for a really stunning look.


Patri Truman has written on wedding centerpieces and is author of several articles on choosing the best wedding centerpieces.

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Uteki Swim Party: Make A Splash In Your Wedding Plans With These Sweet Poolside Ideas

Do you love the water?  Looking for a way to make a splash in your summer wedding plans?  Then check out these cool poolside wedding ideas!

  1. Find out how a turquoise wedding cake can be a beautiful detail in a poolside wedding in this destination wedding at Flyaway Bride.  turquoise cake
  2. Yes you can have a poolside wedding ceremony!  Find some ideas on how to have a swimmingly gorgeous wedding at Artfully Wed:  poolside wedding
  3. If you love the water, consider doing what Nicoleta and Claudiu did – have a beautiful seaside ceremony and a pool party afterwards!  Read all about their perfect wedding at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.  Nicoleta and Claudiu


Benefits of Having an Autumn Wedding

Autumn Wedding CakeMany couples getting married dream of a fall wedding when autumn is at the peak of its colorful spectrum. There are many advantages to having a wedding in autumn. For one thing, you don’t have to schedule around your friends’ and families’ vacations. An autumn wedding provides a chance to employ an array of fabulous ideas for décor, food, fashion and more.

Here are just a few to consider as you plan your upcoming nuptials. You can work with your wedding planner and event venue to find the right ones for you.


Unique wedding venues can be the perfect backdrop for a fall wedding. Explore the endless options and you’ll find a variety of legendary locations. Your guests can enjoy the colorful foliage and flowers, and you can throw in some strategically-placed hay bales and pumpkins for extra ambiance. The flower girls can even make their entrance down the aisle on a hay wagon if the couple chooses. Fall foliage also makes the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. An autumn wedding provides a great opportunity to look beyond the usual event spaces.

If the reception is outdoors, make sure that you have a cozy place for guests to stay warm, filled with lanterns, fireplaces, and blankets. If you are having a tented reception, you may want to consider space heaters to keep everyone warm. Just be careful of the fire and safety hazards associated with all of these things, and ensure that the event venue allows them, and has appropriate safety precautions. An inexpensive but stylish blanket for each guest or couple to use during the reception would make a unique and useful wedding favor.

bride in the fallInvitations

Begin the autumn theme with the invitations. Use seasonal stationery for invitations and reply cards – perhaps something laser-cut with a pinecone, tree or leaf motif. Martha Stewart Weddings suggests enclosing a paper leaf with the invitation for guests to write well-wishes to the couple, which can then be displayed festively at the reception.

You can carry your invitation theme through to the wedding programs, place cards, and escort cards, perhaps adding touches like mini-pumpkins and apples to hold them. Cedar wedding programs and place cards also add a lovely rustic touch.


Warm colors like chocolate and wine are popular colors for fall bridesmaids’ dresses. Some brides choose subtle orange or other rich fall colors. Why not get some light wraps as a gift for your bridesmaids in case it gets chilly as the day turns into evening? A pop of color can transform a dress that will be appreciated by all.

Grey or brown suits are popular fall colors for the groomsmen and ring bearers’ tuxes, with colorful cummerbunds and ties. Why not have boutonnieres of acorns and oak leaves with colorful bows?


Many autumn weddings make use of pumpkins as baskets and centerpieces. Some people even paint them to match their color scheme or use seasonal fruit for place card holders. Pinecones are also popular decorations, as are wreaths. Lanterns make a nice addition to the décor, and help provide heat as well. Decorate with lanterns, candles, pumpkins, leaves, and gourds for a perfect fall look. Why not have a grapevine arbor, or one made of flowers, vines and berries in autumn tones?

If you are having an October wedding, you may choose to go with an orange and a black color scheme. Just be careful to keep it subtle and elegant-unless you really want to make it a Halloween-themed wedding.

Orange wedding bouquetFlowers/Centerpieces

The bride and her bridesmaids can carry bouquets accented with greenery, and flowers with rich colors like orange, yellow, and red that accentuate their dresses. Instead of traditional baskets, flower girls can carry small decorated pumpkins down the aisle.

Fall flowers, foliage and vegetables provide an infinite variety of options for centerpieces. A centerpiece of branches, suspended candles, and seasonal flowers can be stunning. Woodsy centerpieces with branches in tall vases add a natural feel.


This is where you can really take advantage of the season, both in the dinner menu and the desserts. Pumpkin or squash soup can be an excellent first course. Hot cocoa, apple cider, s’mores, and candied pecans all make delicious and warm treats. If there will be children there, you may decide to have a trick-or-treat candy buffet.

Wedding Cake

There is no end to the ideas for decorating your wedding cake to match your autumn theme. You can use real or chocolate mini-pumpkins, or decorative leaves which are elegant, pine cones, and berries. Just Google “autumn wedding cakes” and you’ll see that the ideas are boundless.


You can provide your guests with mini-maple syrups, apple cider mix, packets of seedlings, bottles of apple butter, or jellies or jams to remember the day. Pumpkin-spiced soaps are also a festive favor. How about a table with wrapped caramel apples for guests to take home?

These are just a few ideas. Autumn weddings can be as unique as the bride and groom. Go online and get more ideas, and then work with your event planner, venue, and caterers, all of whom probably have even more ideas. Autumn can be a dreary season for some people. There’s nothing like a beautiful, warm autumn wedding to brighten up the season!


Dave Lishness is the president of A Legendary Event. Their Atlanta wedding venues division, The Estate, has a talented team who has the experience to help you bring to life the social event or wedding you have forever envisioned. At The Estate, we are able to provide the venue, fine food and beverages, decor and floral arrangements to give your guests a personalized experience they will never forget. For more information about The Estate, please call by appointment only 404-869-8858, or head to http://estateatlanta.com/

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Fall Hors D’oeuvres Ideas

Canapes with pear, walnuts, blue cheese and arugula

A splendid fall wedding hors d’oeuvre: Canapes with pear, walnuts, blue cheese and arugula

Autumn is a wonderful season full of a wide range of bright colors and robust flavors. No wonder so many people ultimately choose this captivating time of the year to hold their special events. The foliage and various flavors of the season can be quite awe-inspiring.

The Many Different Rich Autumn Flavors

Take advantage of the fresh produce that is available during the fall to plan your menu. You can start with hors d’oeuvres that complement the crisp autumn air, such as bleu cheese mousse with figs on warm crostini. Apples, which are abundant during fall, can be incorporated into a number of hors d’oeuvre recipes. Apples are quite versatile and can be used in both savory and sweet recipes.

For your next event, consider serving spiced cider or pumpkin-flavored eggnog as drinks to pair with your hors d’oeuvres. Complementing flavors add to the enjoyment of not only the food, but the overall experience as well.

Fresh fall fruits are another great option for a small plate you are serving your guests. Grapes, pears and a variety of berries are all bursting with flavor. Include a variety of different fruits to give your guests a diverse range of choices as well as to create a vivid color palette.

Soup and Nuts

As the temperature starts to drop, signaling the beginning of longer and colder nights, serving hot hors d’oeuvres will get you and your guests’ blood flowing and provide a warm contrast to the cold outdoors. Consider miniature cups of butternut squash soup, or spicy corn and crab chowder as great starters.

The scent of freshly roasted chestnuts is one of the most popular aromas for autumn to winter. Toss in a handful of other nuts that are very plentiful throughout the year, such as pecans and walnuts, for a simple and flavorful hors d’oeuvre option.

Hors d’oeuvres set the theme and mood of a great party. Whether you are planning a simple get-together with close family and friends, or a large event with many members of your family, friend group and business acquaintances, start your gathering with a variety of elegant, light hors d’oeuvre that put your guests in good spirits. If your party or event falls during the autumn months, don’t be afraid to use the colors and the flavors of the season to inspire your menu. Take your cue from Mother Nature and have a truly memorable, delicious and vivid event.


Dave Lishness is the president of A Legendary Event. Formed in 1997, A Legendary Event has grown into a multi-million dollar full-service event enterprise, including Atlanta catering, event design, floral and event venues. CEO and Founder Tony Conway is admired by top CEOs, celebrities, politicians and world-class galas for his attention to detail and penchant for providing fresh, trend-setting and uniquely presented fare, always with the client in mind. Learn more at http://www.legendaryevents.com/

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